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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Hastings 1895 Thriller…Another Tarrasch Game

     Here’s another Tarrasch game that was very enjoyable to play over. He misplayed the opening and Walbrodt got a promising K-side attack but then a couple of slightly less than optimal moves followed by a tactical oversight and the game had slipped away.
     Tarrasch’s opponent in this game, Carl Walbrodt (November 28, 1871 - October 3, 1902) was a German master. He learned chess from his father at age 10. In the 1890’s he had some conserable tournament successes but at Hastings only managed 11th place (out of 22), scoring a respectable 10 -11 and drawing with the first and second place players, Pillsbury and Chigorin. He was very active in giving simultaneous displays, teaching chess, and attending chess events and founded two chess clubs and wrote a chess column in the Berliner Lokal-Anzeiger from about September 1899 until February 1902. He was diagnosed with tuberculosis in the early 1890s and died from it at the age of 30.

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