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Friday, May 31, 2013

Update on Kevin Spraggett Blog Closure

GM Spragget sent a letter to a blog called BaconLOG explaining his Blog being closed. According to GM Spraggett it was closed “for reasons that Blogger itself knows. I was informed only after the fact that my blog contained ''malicious javascript'' and that the powers that be deemed this sufficient cause to close a blog that had millions of pageviews over the past 4 years.” GM Spragget also noted, “…I have been planning to move my blog over to Tumblr or/and Wordpress. Yesterday's action only speeds it up. My popular blog ''Spraggett on Chess'' will start up tonight or tomorrow.” Read full story.


  1. Bravo Google. :)

    Kevin is an anachronism. Women deserve respect. His Blog portrayed them daily as dumb sex objects.

    If Kevin wasn't hiding in Portugal, he would have been prosecuted for slander many times over.

    Jim S.

  2. I think Kevin's chess blog is a combination of very good chess analysis, and of risque humor. I've met people who appreciate the combination. Perhaps that's why his blog is popular.

    I would not argue with you if you complained about his homosexual references involving the CFC. You obviously are aware of them since its the only thing that you could mean by 'slander'.

    I am surprised you instead refer to the pictures of women on his site, which could be rated 13+. It appears to me you are being less than forthright with your comments.

    John S.

  3. I understand that the move of Spraggett's blog is only
    brief, but would a great loss to chess culture if gone

    Obviously it is more than the risque content that some are
    objecting to, since it is only mild by web standards.

    I myself disregard most of Spraggett's criticisms, since
    the chess content is mainly why I tune in. The pictures
    don't hurt though :)

  4. So curiosity got the best of me. The blog is definitely rated R, not PG-13.