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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

I Don’t Understand the Position

I recently concluded a correspondence game that has left me baffled.  After arriving at the position below I hit on the idea of a general K-side advance which I thought would leave me with reasonably good chances but after tinkering around with several different engines (mostly Houdini 2, Critter and Stockfish 3) to analyze the rest of the game I still have not been able to come up with what I consider any definitive answers about what the real evaluation of the position should be.  All the engines seem to give different outputs and evaluations and none of them indicate that a general advance on the K-side by White is in order.  Mostly what I get is what appears to me as aimless shifting of the pieces.

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  1. My experience in the analysis with chess engines is, that their evaluations in a small range around 0.0 (maybe +-0.3) are rarely significant and can rapidly flip after a few moves. In my days, I used toga and rybka and a few other engines during my freestyle games. I learned that such small evaluation differences come close to "noise". Those situations require deeper, selective, half manual drilling and analyzing to find out where the true difference lies - next to a good portion of "intuitive" understanding of the demands of a position (possible plans).
    Move 23: "Engines do not find fault with the chosen move." is such an example. Engines provide information when something happens, but rarely if they show indifference.
    After move 22. my feeling (without analysis) tells me that the prospect of a kingside attack is rather shallow as long as black can get the Nd4 off board at will. Maybe a more long term Kh1, securing of queen side (a4?!), transfer of Nd4 so it can participate in a king side attack and then trying to open king side?