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Friday, February 11, 2011

US Chess Hall of Fame

I was doing some research on this organization and, believe it or not, they don’t have a website! Well, they do, but it does not contain anything…just one page containing the list of names of the directors and some links to stuff having nothing to do with chess. All other references to it that I found are broken links. Fortunately Chess Links Worldwide has a small section devoted to members but even there many links do not work. Here are the members of the US Chess Hall of Fame:

Lev Alburt, Kenneth Harkness, Hans Berliner, Hermann Helms, Pal Benko, I.A. Horowitz, Arthur Bisguier, Isaac Kashdan, Walter Browne, Lubomir Kavalek, Donald Byrne, George Koltanowski, Robert Byrne, Sam Loyd, John Collins, George Mackenzie, Arthur Dake, Frank Marshall, Arnold Denker, Edmar Mednis, Ed Edmondson, Paul Morphy, Arpad Elo, Victor Palciauskas, Larry Evans, Harry Pillsbury, Reuben Fine, Fred Reinfeld, Robert Fischer, Sammy Reshevsky, Dr. Benjamin Franklin, Wilhelm Steinitz, Gisela Gresser, Milan Vukcevich

I find it unfortunate that there is almost nothing available on this project because I envisioned a nice website with lots of information filled with photos of memorabilia, etc. on the members but it doesn't exist. What a shame.

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