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Monday, August 9, 2010

Winning Won Games…

We all know it’s not always easy. I arrived at the following position and fortunately for me my opponent handed me the game when he exceeded the T/L. Had he had enough time left and played the obvious 31…Rb6, then according to Fritz I still had a advantage of over 5 Pawns. The truth is I was about to throw away the advantage had he played it! Not that there was anything wrong with my planned 32.Qxe5+, but it was the next move that I had in mind that would have frittered away the advantage.

Would I have found 33.Rd2 and kept the advantage? Not likely. The reason is because 33.Rd2 is a move that is of a defensive nature against Black’s threat on b3, and I was thinking only of attacking. Furthermore, I never would have seen Black’s defensive resource of 34…Re3. For that matter I never would have found the moves leading up to 38.Rf6 either.

In short, even though the engines give White a whopping advantage in the diagram, winning still takes some skill…most likely more than I have.

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