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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Same Idea, Different Setting

In a recent 3 minute game (no increment) on Playchess I had the opportunity to play the same …Ba3 sacrifice that I discussed in the post below. Fortunately it worked again, but it shouldn’t have. There was a double oversight on move 27 and several other mistakes, but it’s still interesting to look at. White butchered the game with numerous oversights. We were both running out of thinking time, it’s true, but what’s interesting is that he made the same mistakes that I mentioned in the post, Spotting a Combination. It must be something we all do instinctively. That in itself says something about the difference between our intuition and that of a GM.

This was the position which arose from the Two Knight’s Defense after 19.Rhg1.  Fritz says White has the advantage by nearly a Pawn. I pretty much agree with that as it seems his attacking chances on the K-side are more dangerous than mine on the other side.

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