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Friday, August 20, 2010

Reuben Fine

Fine is another player of yesteryear who, I think, is not much appreciated these days. NY Times Obituary.

You can download Fine’s Ideas Behind the Chess Openings HERE. To read this book you will need to download the free WinDjView program. Don’t let the facts that this book is in Descriptive Notation or that it was published in 1943 prevent you from reading it. It is still a good book for getting an understanding of the basic strategy behind the openings. Here’s a sample page:

Double click image to enlarge

Here's s miniature won by Fischer against Fine. It was an offhand gameand the only one they ever played.


  1. How many classic books have been made available this way?

  2. A lot. Check out the Google chess book search for books in the public domain.


    As you will see most of them are of absolutely no interest but some are and many are interesting reading just for their historical content.

    There are at least two sites I know of where you can download pdf copies of hundreds of chess books, both classic and new, but I won't to list them because I’m sure what they are doing isn’t legal. Also one of the sites is listed as dangerous because of viruses by my Norton Anti Virus.