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Friday, January 5, 2018

Too Cold To Play Chess

     A long miserable cold spell has been gripping most of the country and we haven't seen temperatures above 15 degrees in several days and I haven't felt much like doing anything. Mostly I've been following the cat's lead...she naps a lot. 
     Yesterday I did play some online chess, but I probably shouldn't have judging by the number of losses I suffered. The best game was one where, after blowing a win, I had two Rs against a Q and it was nip and tuck in an interesting ending what with time pressure and all. Interesting that is until I hung a R. That's when I decided to play one more game, the one given here. It turned out to be interesting and after it was over, I quit while I was ahead...actually behind. Like I said, it was a bad day. 
temperatures in degrees F.

     After the game I looked at it with Stockfish and was pleasantly surprised because we both played quite well. After running a full analysis the engine only singled out one move that was question mark worthy...my opponent's 25th move.

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