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Friday, April 7, 2017


Back in January I failed to mention the passing of Hans Berliner at the age of 87. 
New York Times Obituary 
ChessBase Tribute 
Carnegie-Mellon University Tribute 

Yet another cheating incident was uncovered at the Dubai Open last month, this time by a player rated 1764!

Borislav Ivanov got arrested for selling fake drivers licenses and fake university degrees.

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  1. A belated goodbye to Dr. Berliner who will be a legend in CC for as long as it is played due to his 3 point winning margin in the 5th World CC Championship and by winning one of, if not the, greatest chess games ever played. Over the years I have filled notebooks analyzing his game with Estrin with the new and ever more powerful engines and still find new and interesting things lurking deep in notes to notes to notes. For a great set of notes to start analyzing with look for "64 Great Chess Games - Masterpieces of Postal and Email Chess by Tim Harding 2002" pages 124-134. The game is a widely known and has many others notes in books and mags to start with. RIP Dr. Berliner