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Monday, July 25, 2016

A Decent Game By a Couple of Patzers

     It's fun, and embarrassing, to play over my old games. This one from 40 years ago is no different. I don't remember ratings, but I think mine was somewhere in the mid-1600s and my opponent was in the 1200s. My final score in the tournament was +3 -1 =1 and I remember it because the game I lost, crushed actually, was against an opponent rated over 2300 who eventually became an FM; the game was a 27-mover that got published. The other reason I remember it was because one evening in the hotel restaurant a couple of us were served by a transvestite "waitress" who was badly in need of a shave.
     I also remember my opponent, a young teenager, because a short time later we met again in another small weekend tournament where I won when he badly mishandled a Dragon Sicilian and lost quickly. Things got worse; I met him again for the third time, again as white, and won a 9-move King's Gambit when he overlooked an elementary mate. 
     In this game, as often happened, I was so intent on playing "positional" chess that I overlooked some tactics. On the plus side I did see the 5-move tactic at move 24 that resulted in the win of a piece. 

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