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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Half a Million

     This morning this blog, which was started back on March 8, 2010, reached 500,000 visitors when someone from Moscow arrived. 
     The original blog got hacked in February of 2010 and anyone visiting it was redirected to those pay per click shopping sites. When I contacted Blogger, I received a "no reply" e-mail saying they couldn't help and suggesting I delete the old blog and start a new one. I debated about starting another blog because, besides my brother, only a handful of people visited, but eventually decided to go ahead and start blogging again, never thinking it would attract so many visitors. 
     Most of the visitors, of which there were over 10,000 last month, are from the U.S. followed by the Ukraine, Spain, the United Kingdom, Russia and Germany. 
     Surprisingly, the two most popular posts weren't even about chess. One was about Michelina’s TV dinners (the stuffed pepper and the pepper steak) that were made back in 2011 (both the dinners and the post); they were horrible. The other, also in 2011, was a YouTube video of the Kudzu String Band performing...go figure! 
     The two most popular chess posts were on free pdf chess books and the other was about the strange adjudication policy of Lechenicher SchachServer. 
     According to Top Chess Websites which lists the top 600 chess sites sorted by popularity (based on alexa) this blog is rated around 400 which is not bad considering that most of the sites are actual web pages, not blogs, and many are by professional players. Also, there has been two confirmed visits by Grandmasters, neither of whom was Magnus Carlsen or Fabiano Caruana. 
     Thanks to everyone who has made this blog what I consider to be a success.

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