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Monday, March 28, 2016

Musketeer Chess

For anyone that is interested…. 

     I received an e-mail today from       Dr. Zied Haddad, an anesthesiologist living in Paris, informing me that he is promoting a new chess variant he has created called Musketeer Chess with new pieces and is looking for local clubs to promote this variation through tournaments, etc. 
     He is also looking for interested persons and/or federations to promote chess, variants and board games through a new international federation to be called the Unorthodox Chess and Board Games Society. He is also looking into the possibility of on line play. 
     In order to promote Musketeer Chess he is willing to help sponsor tournaments and for clubs, individuals or federations he is offering 5 free kits containing the extra pieces for each 10 kits purchased. You can buy the pieces at the houseofstaunton.com. To get the free kits please mail him your invoice and he will make arrangements with HOS to mail the free kits of extra pieces.

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