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Monday, March 7, 2016

A Pawn Snatcher Lost His Q But Almost Saved the Game

     When you win the other guy's Q at move ten the rest of the game should be easy...or so you'd think. I played about half a dozen 15 minute games on the Internet the other day against the same opponent and noticed he had a habit...he was a Pawn Snatcher. In all the games I advanced my b-Pawn and offered him a Pawn and in every single one of the games he neglected development in order to grab one or more Pawns. 
     That's not to say he wasn't a decent player. This game is an example...I managed to win his Q in the first 10 moves when he went Pawn hunting, but he put up manly resistance and the Q almost wasn't enough. I had a Q+R+2Ps against his 2R's+B+3Ps and later it was reduced to a Q+P vs R+P. 
     To make matters worse, at the end I was down to less than two minutes and was about to offer a draw. I doubt he would have accepted though because he had 4 or 5 minutes left so all I could do is keep checking because I couldn't think of a plan. Fortunately (for me) he fell into a mate.   It was a close call even though I had won his Q!

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