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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Articles on Bobby Fischer

Christine Toomey, an award-winning journalist and author who covered foreign affairs for The Sunday Times has an old (2008) article titled Bobby Fischer’s Final Maneuver posted on her website. It's worth taking a few minutes to read.

From Financial Review...Would chess champion Bobby Fischer have made it today? by Grandmaster Kenneth Rogoff. Rogoff is an economist and Professor of Economics at Harvard University. Rogoff takes a look at the new movie Pawn Sacrifice and gives his opinion on whether Fischer would have made it in the age of the Internet.

Would Bobby Fischer have become a world chess champion if he had been involved in long-term individual psychotherapy, family therapy and special support services and, possibly, been prescribed a psychotropic medication? A Psychological Autopsy of Bobby Fischer by Joseph G. Ponterotto appearing in a 2010 Pacific Standard article.

In his day, he was the best chess player in the world, maybe the best the world had ever seen. For fans of the game, the tragedy is that his day passed all too quickly. And for the last 30-odd years of his life, Bobby Fischer was the chess world's mad uncle, an embarrassment to be apologized for, belittled or ignored...article in the Wall Street Journal.

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