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Friday, September 4, 2015

An Interview With Myself Concerning David Janowsky

Janowsky playing Lasker in 1909
Me: Tell me what you know about Janowsky.
Me: Well, he was an old “Romantic” player best known for gambling both on and off the chessboard and he loved the two Bishops. And, I think he once played a World Championship match against Lasker and got stomped. 
Me: Have you ever played over any of his games? 
Me: Just a few that he lost, mostly against Capablanca and Marshall, I think.
Me: Are you aware of any books of his best games? 
Me: No. 
Me: Actually there was one. David Janowsky: Artist of the Chess Board by Alexander Cherniaev. It's available on Amazon for $32. 
Me: Isn't that kind of pricey? 
Me: Yes. Anyway, I found a position from one of his games that appeared in the Brooklyn Daily Eagle that had notes by Herman Helms that I'd like you to look at. 
Me: OK, but only if I can use an engine to check Helms' notes and make sure Janowsky's alleged brilliancy really was sound. 
Me: OK. Take a look at it with Stockfish and see what you think. 

So, that's what I did and guess what? It really was a brilliant conclusion to the game and it was totally sound. I have included Herman Helm's quaint, by today's standards, notes.


  1. i notice you have several nice booklets for download. why not do one on janowski?

  2. Interesting interview.