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Friday, July 3, 2015

A Great Attacking Game by Yi Wei

     The site for this game is Danzhou, a prefecture-level city (an administrative division of the People's Republic of China (PRC), ranking below a province and above a county in China's administration) in the northwest of the Chinese island province of Hainan. 
     This tournament, the sixth, is supposed to be the strongest super tournament in China with ten players and sports an average rating of 2675. The participants are: 
Wang, Yue (2716) 
Wei, Yi (2724) 
Yu, Yangyi (2736) 
Bu, Xiangzhi (2695) 
Ding, Liren (2749) 
Wang, Chen (2521) 
Ni, Hua (2703) 
Lu, Shanglei (2595) 
Bruzon Batista, Lazaro, representing Cuba (2669) 
Sasikiran, Krishnan, representing India (2640) 

     Wei Yi is a Chinese GM and was a prodigy. On 1 March 2013 he won his final GM norm at the Reykjavik Open, becoming, at the age of 13 years, 8 months and 23 days, the youngest grandmaster in the world at that time, and the fourth youngest in history. Wei represents the Jiangsu Taizhou club in the China Chess League. 
     In 2007, he competed in the Chinese Championship B group at the age of 8, recording a draw against Grandmaster Zhou Jianchao. In 2010, he won the Under 12 event at the Asian Youth Chess Championship, and followed this up by winning the same division at the World Youth Chess Championship. 
    In 2012, he won his first GM norm at the World Junior Chess Championship in Athens, including a draw with winner Alexander Ipatov. A few months later he got his second GM norm at the Indonesian Open. In February, 2013 he secured his final norm at the Reykjavik Open. On the November, 2013 FIDE rating list, Wei, aged 14 years, four months and 30 days, reached a rating of 2604, thus becoming the youngest player in history to achieve a rating of 2600+. 
     In October, 2014 he finished second in the World Junior Championship in Pune, India behind Lu Shanglei. In May of this year,Wei became the Chinese Chess Champion, scoring ahead of Super GMs' Ding Liren, Wang Hao and Yu Yangyi. 
     Lázaro Bruzón Batista (born 2 May 1982) is a GMfrom Cuba. Bruzón was the 2000 World Junior Champion. 
     Enjoy Wei's aggressive play, alert sac and resulting King hunt in the following game!

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