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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Exciting Server Game

     I played a 15 minute game online last night that was a lot of fun. After I played 35.f5 my opponent very graciously complimented me on having played a good game. I was expecting him to resign especially when he took a few minutes, but he finally discovered the clever 35…Nf4 which left me with only a marginal advantage. That was when it was my turn to take a couple of minutes to try and come up with a reasonable continuation because I just couldn’t believe there was nothing more in the position. I also started imagining threats on the first rank that might enable him to salvage the game. At the last second, I noticed that his K and Q were placed in such a position that a N fork was possible. What made the move 36.Nc1 hard to spot was the fact that it was a backward move and we are used to seeing forward moves. You’ll also notice I missed quite a few tactical shots which shouldn’t surprise anybody.

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