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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Stockfish 5 Is the Strongest Chess Engine

Stockfish, an open source UCI engine that was developed by Tord Romstad, Marco Costalba and Joona Kiiski, has become the top ranked engine on all the major engine ranking sites. It was derived from Glaurung, an open source engine by Romstad.

CCLR’s 40/40 Rating List (64-bit/4 CPU’s)

1-Stockfish 5 - 3299
2-Houdini 4 - 3276
3-Komodo 7a - 3249
4-Gull 2.8b - 3199
5-Critter 1.6a – 3174

Thankfully for engine lovers everywhere, in a 2010 interview, Romstad stated, “There are no plans of a commercial Stockfish. Why shouldn't it be free? All three of us have regular jobs which pay our bills; computer chess is just a hobby. Most people don't earn any money from their hobbies, and I see no reason why chess programming should be different. Going commercial would force us to deal more heavily with tasks like marketing, support and GUI programming, for which we have little skill and interest. All we would get in compensation for the extra work is a small amount of money which we don't really need.” Download from the official Stockfish site.

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  1. Seems this Stockfish understands chess. Thank you for the analysis!