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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A 1300 vs. a Master

     The recently concluded XVI Obert Internacional Sant Martí 2014 Group A was won by GM Karen Grigorian ahead of GM Jorge Cori (Peru), FM Jose Martinez Alcantara (Peru), GM Vladimir Burmakin (Russia) and FM Kevel Oliva Castaneda (Cuba). However this game is between also-rans, Ida Tateo (US) who is rated 1330 and finished in 106th place (out 0f 110) and her Master opponent, Felipe Porras Mateo who scored 5.5 and finished in 32nd place.
      Ms. Tateo, although playing under the US flag, lives in Barcelona where she works as a consultant. This game was Porras Mateo’s first round victory and I chose it because it demonstrates how a master grinds out a victory against a lower rated player. It also demonstrates that 1300’s don’t play like they used to!! Tateo’s 1330 belies her play and one wonders how she failed to win any games in this tournament.

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