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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Which Engine Plays Most Like Bobby Fischer?

      Some developers claim their engines have a “human like” playing style but how, exactly, would one determine what is “human like?” The author of Computer Chess makes an obvious point when he says it should be an engine that plays the same moves as a human.
      So, in order to find out which engine actually does play most like a human he created a test suit with 100 positions played by Bobby Fischer where Fischer commented that he considered a move good. These had to be positions that had several possible moves, no tactical traps and the choices were of a positional nature.      
      The idea was to select an engine that most nearly matched Fischer’s choice in its move selection. The results may surprise you. The winner was Gandalf 6 which scored 69 percent. Some other well known engine scores: 4th place Fritz 11 64%, Shredder 12 and Stockfish 2.3.1 in 5-8th place with 63%. Gandolf 6 is no longer available.

Fischer Test Results - includes results for all 23 engines tested and the positions used in the test!

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  1. All these engines are very Fischer-like in their insistence on the right playing conditions. They're particularly demanding on the subject of power supply. If the supply of electricity isn't adequate, they're not playing!