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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I Need Another Hobby

      When I was a kid there was one summer when I used my dad’s workshop to make bird houses which I then sold to old ladies all over the neighborhood.  Woodworking looks like a lot of fun and I never miss watching Norm on the New Yankee Workshop.
      What I would like to do is combine woodworking with chess and make a chess set.  I found a few sites that tell you how to do it but I really didn’t like any of the designs.  If I made a set it would have to be a Staunton-like design and after considerable web surfing , I  did find this set and I think the knights could be modified somewhat:
      I’d really like to give this a go but there are a couple of snags.  One is time.  I have a ton of work to do outside this summer because my yard has a moss infestation and it all has to be dug up by hand and the lawn reseeded.  Then the garden has to be put in and some general house repairs need to be made.
      I would also have to buy a couple of thousand dollars worth of woodworking equipment and convince the wife to park her car outside because the garage is the only place we have to set up a workshop. Wood!  Has anybody priced wood lately?!  All this brings me back to reality and I’ll have to be satisfied with what one of my book review Blog readers informed was my "fake" Zagreb set, but he did provide THIS link to an intersting site.

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