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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Nothing To Do With Chess

It’s time for me to start wearing another wrist band.  The CX2 Wristband.  It’s just a rubber bracelet with a shiny hologram or something that goes on your wrist and the claims about how it uses the body’s vibrational system to move your body to its optimum vibrational level and achieve desired results sounds like, well, I don’t know what it sounds like, but it left me feeling pretty skeptical. 
I’m not much into diet and exercise, herbology, food therapy, tai chi, or acupuncture and certainly didn’t expect much from the CX2 Wristband because I am not a believer in ‘using external intrinsic energy to interact with the body’s energy fields based on a principle of physics called entrainment’. This principle describes how the energy of one object has the ability to interact with and affect the energy of another without physically touching it.  Supposedly the energetic charge within the wristband interacts with and allows the body to naturally balance itself. Yeah, right.
That is until I tried one and realized I did feel more energetic.  A friend asked me about the one I was wearing and then explained that my results were purely psychosomatic. You know, the power of suggestion or positive thinking.  He could be right, and probably is, but my thought was, if the wristband really does do something that makes me more energetic or if it’s all in my head, what’s the difference?
Normally even the thought of drinking tea triggers my gag reflex, but their tea isn't bad either.

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