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Friday, October 12, 2012


    I originally determined that this Blog would be about chess only and I've pretty much stuck to that self-imposed rule, but it's my Blog so I don't have to obey it if I don't want to. So here goes another non-chess rant. 

A few days ago my wife was on Facebook when our laptop suddenly shut down and restarted then began downloading and installing 'Microsoft security updates.' After it finished the laptop was running at a snail's pace and she had trouble with the Internet. When she tried opening Word, it wouldn't open. 

It was about midnight so I decided to mess with it in the morning. The first thing I did was suspect the 'security updates' did something, so I restored the laptop to a previous date, but that didn't help. That's when I noticed my Norton Antivirus icon was missing and I was unable to open it from the Start Menu. 

I did manage to get on the Internet and Norton recommended deleting the program and re-installing it which I did, but that did not resolve the problem. That's when I was sure I had a virus. I called the Geek Squad and managed to get the tech to take over my computer and run a test on it. He couldn't find anything and said he thought it had something to do with Norton and recommended I take the laptop in to Best Buy. 

Before doing that and while I was still on the Internet, I looked up Norton and called an 800 number listed. Some woman whose English I found difficult to understand asked me to go to a website which appeared to have nothing to do with Norton. She asked me to download a program that appeared to be designed to 'clean up' slow running computers. That's when I asked her if she was a Norton employee and she said no, she represented a third party, but they know all about Norton. I replied I had wanted to speak to a Norton tech rep. After more haggling I asked her “Why are we not talking about the fact that the Norton Antivirus isn't working?” Somehow that's when we got 'disconnected'...or did she hang up on me? 

After that I took the laptop to Best Buy over at the mall. When the tech started up the laptop, she said, “You have a virus; I can tell just by looking.” It turned out the Start Menu icon in the lower left corner was not the icon for Windows 7. In order to get the laptop fixed, I had to buy a two year service contract which also includes a new Antivirus program. Cost? $285. I kind of felt like they held me up by claiming they would not remove the virus unless I bought the service contract. On the other hand, it is good for two computers for two years. Back home I felt it was a good idea to get out my Nook, go on the Internet and change all my passwords which killed a lot of time. 

Reminds me of the time I had a small crack develop in the lens of my glasses and it was a little annoying, so I went to Lenscrafters to get the lens replaced. The lady said they would not replace the lens unless I got an eye exam. I informed here I didn't need and eye exam, I just wanted the cracked lens replaced. It was against their policy. I threw a hissy fit in the store so they agreed to replace the lens and in an hour it was ready. 

Maggots...that's what they are, but what are you going to do?


  1. The solution is very simple ditch, Microsoft, Ubuntu is probably most like Windoze and it's possible to play with it, without installing on your harddrive, just download a live disk and boot up on it. I've used Linux for years. Also if you think you can get on with it most people dual boot both OS's. For analysis I use Xboard with Stockfish as an engine.



  2. I will give it a try. Thanks! Also...enjoyed your blogs!

  3. This is embarrassing; I did not know what skype is until I Googled it. Does not look like something I need...my cell phone useage was under 2 minutes last month.