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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wild Encounter between Tarrasch and Walbrodt

      I remember when I first saw this game, probably back in the early 1960’s, how much I enjoyed it.  I played through it again a couple of days ago and nothing has changed.   The game, played at Hastings 1895, won Second Brilliancy Prize despite Tarrasch’s rather inept conduct of most of the game.  However, his brilliant combination at the end after Walbrodt mishandled the attack, allowed Tarrasch to redeem himself.

        Tarrasch's opponent, Carl Walbrodt (November 28, 1871 - October 3, 1902), was a leading German master of the period who participated in many tournaments and matches and wrote several chess columns.  In ‘real life’ he and his brother owned a pantograph factory.   He was diagnosed with tuberculosis  in the early 1890's and ultimately died from it.

       Enjoy the complications!

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