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Monday, October 3, 2011

The Beginner’s Game Opening

I discovered an interesting website that offers a free 212 page book that allows you to…well, let the author explain!

It is the greatest discovery ever made in chess, one that will change forever the way the way the game is played…  Read this book carefully and you will master the game of chess. If you are new to chess, you will learn to play fast! In a few minutes you will play the opening moves  of the game as well as anybody. In a few hours, you will play with confidence well beyond the opening. In the few weeks it will take you to go thru this book, from a complete beginner you will become a solid player, able to confront even the strongest opponents, and offer them a tough game.  If you already play chess, then take this book seriously, because it challenges all of chess opening theory and practice. This system is better than anything you play now, or have ever played.

 The opening and/or defensive setup is the same for either White or Black and looks like this:

      The author, known only as “Pafu” says this same opening position can be reached in most games, with white or black, regardless of how the adversary plays.
       The problem with this formation, of course is that the most that can be achieved is equality (as White), or a slightly inferior game (as Black) because the setup does not place the pieces in attacking positions and the opponent is granted free reign of the center and a substantial advantage in space. In amateur games these are not so easily exploited so there is no real disadvantage in playing them.
       This book contains a lot of games involving engines and Pafu recognizes that not all 8 moves can be played against any defense, but he claims that six or seven can always be played which is true. So, if you play a lot of Internet Blitz chess or if you haven’t yet reached the level of strong master, this might be worth looking at.  The book is in PDF format and is very well produced. I’ll let the author sum things up:

The Beginner’s Game is revolutionary, introducing a new philosophy and practice of chess never seen before.   DOWNLOAD the book

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