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Friday, August 5, 2011

Roman's Chess Blog

From time to time while surfing the Internet for chess blogs I come across one that is really interesting and that I think has particular merit.  One such is by an individual who is apparently a Canadian Master that is called Chessblogger.

       This blog contains some excellent instruction and annotated games that make it well worth a visit!  “Roman” analyzes 38 GM games, 75 of his own, offers books reviews, databases, endgame instruction, advice on opening preparation, opening analysis, great players games analyzed, strategy, tactics, videos and software reviews.  In short, this site has something for everyone.  Another site by the author has well annotated games worth playing over.  Be sure and pay both of these sites a visit!

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  1. Thanks a bunch for the nice review! To be honest - I have not maintained my second blog site for a while, it was mostly created to test my script for uploading games to blogger.