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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Featured Site Chess Videos TV

I’ve mentioned this site in the past, but wanted to feature it today because it’s one of the best sites I’ve found. What are you looking for? They probably have it. You have to register to take advantage of some features, but it’s free.

Key Features

The homepage is the place to read our site's latest announcements including video competitions, ChessVideos.TV members of the week, and other special features and initiatives. Featured videos are posted on the right-hand side of the page. Finally, links to the forums and other tools and articles are available on the homepage.

Discussion Forums These forums are primarily text-only.

General Chess Discussion
Here, members post ideas and questions about opening theory, online play, tournaments, and all other things pertaining to chess.

Chess Game Replays and Analysis
Using the ChessVideos.tv game replayer, members may post their own games to the forum for discussion and analysis. Our expert-level members have regularly offered helpful advice to posts in this forum.

Training Journals The best way to help yourself commit to attaining any goal is to tell others about it. On this page, you can create your own online chess training journal and let the ChessVideos community support you along the way. Members frequently use their journals to plan their training schedule and keep track of tactics scores and tournament results.

Interviews Forum Member, Robofriven, presents interviews with well-known chess players including Josh Waitzkin, Dan Heisman, and Jeremy Silman. Interviews with past Member of the Week winners are also posted here.

Video Forums
These forums contain free chess videos of all lengths. They are categorized by topic and skill level.

Beginner Chess Strategy Videos
In this forum, chess beginners post videos of their games and advanced players post video lessons with beginner content. Videos feature 1st person live commentary of a game in progress or analysis of a past game.

Intermediate or Advanced Chess Strategy Videos
More experienced players post their videos here. Videos feature 1st person live commentary of a game in progress or analysis of a past game.

Game Analysis Videos Here, members can post video analysis of their own past games or games posted by other forum members in the video forum or the game replay forum. Another possibility is to post analysis of famous games from chess history.

Master Hangout Chessvideos.tv is fortunate to have many chess masters among its members, including IM Greg Shahade (Curtains), FM Ingvar Johanneson (Zibbit), FM Charles Galofre (The Salesman), and FM Graham Morrison (sqmorr). Visitors to the site have benefited greatly from the insights they have shared with our community. Master Hangout is a special forum created for the use of these titled players. Videos feature 1st person live commentary of a game in progress or analysis of a past game.

Training Videos from the Masters
An ever-growing library of free instructional videos from titled players. Currently, we host videos from FM Dennis Monokroussos, IM Luis Coelho, and GM Josh Friedel. Videos are primarily analysis.

Make you own videos. They have instructions on Howto: Record a video - Guide for recording videos using free software, Howto: Post a video - Guide for posting videos to the site. It's easy and anybody can do it.

This week's special video:January 13, 2011 - by JoshSpecht
New from Dennis!
In this week's lesson, Dennis examines a classic: Game 5 of the 1972 Spassky - Fischer World Championship. The game features an incredible blockade in the Nimzo-Indian and sparkling middlegame/endgame play. Check it out!

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