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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Update on Caissia’s Web

As noted below after several attempts to register on this site I gave up because I kept getting a message that my e-mail address was not valid. So the next day there was a message in my inbox welcoming me to the site! I visited the site again but couldn’t log in. Either I’ve forgotten my user name, password or both. Or maybe there’s something wrong with the site. I really don’t care.

The site has numerous complaints by members. Opponents timing out and then the site awards them the win and rating points, lost connections and no notification. Players thought it was their opponents who had lost connection only to find out it was them and they had lost the game. Some players thought this was only a problem with ‘guest members.’ If so, it’s a good way to make them feel welcome.

There were also reports of abusive members. They are everywhere but most sites will respond to reported abuse. Apparently that’s not the case at Cassia’s Web. The list goes on…

So, I’d rate this site below even Chesshere and that’s pretty bad.

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