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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Free Win

I’ve posted before about people who move without thinking but there was another really ridiculous incident yesterday. My opponent was rated mid-1500’s and in an 8 minute plus 5 seconds per move game was giving me a hard time. In fact at one point I think he was winning but butchered the B&P ending to the point it was only a draw. He was moving at a breakneck pace and I have to wonder how high his rating would be if he’d only stop and think for a few seconds! I guess the game also points out the necessity of studying endings a little bit.

So anyway, we reached the position in the diagram with me to move. He’d messed around in an easily won ending and got his K cornered with no way to queen the P and the game is drawn but I played 57…h4 and again, he didn’t even think. Apparently at first glance he thought my h-Pawn was going to queen so he resigned! All he had to do was play 58.Bg1 and it’s a draw:

57...h4 58.Bg1 h3 59.c4 Bf4 60.c5 Bg3 61.c6 Bf4 [Or 61...Kxc6 62.Bh2 Bxh2] 62.Bh2 Bxh2

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