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Monday, July 5, 2010

Lucky Win

Analyzing this game with Fritz leaves the impression that I played a brilliant sacrifice, but it wasn’t that easy. First when Black gave up a piece for 2P’s at move at move 19 to free his game I don’t think Fritz’ evaluation of a 3.5 to 4 Pawn advantage for White is quite accurate. Maybe if I was a GM, but in practical play and had Black played a little better, it would have taken more technique than I possess to win and I was positive we were going to be playing a long, hard game that I wasn’t sure I could win.

As for the tactical shot at move 31, I only saw the possibility at the last second and truthfully, I don’t know what drew my attention to it. Not that it was terribly difficult once you noticed his f7 was vulnerable …and that’s where I was lucky because I wasn’t even thinking of action on the K-side. I think my habit of scanning ranks, files and diagonals after my opponent moves and before I move is what allowed me to notice the possibility despite my fixation on a Q-side attack.

As for successfully making it through the complications I was, well…lucky. Had Black found the most difficult defense the outcome might have been different.

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  1. Really interesting game, with a great Kingside attack. White used his long range pieces brilliantly, where as Black struggled to coordinate a defence. Well played.