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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Instructive R & P Ending

I’ve always liked R and P endings for some reason and have spent a great deal of time studying them. They are one of the most common endings (along with K & P endings) so getting to know some of their nuances will bring you a fair share of points.

In the following position my opponent allowed me to simplify from a lost R&P ending into this one which I knew was drawn. Still, White was right to play on just to make sure I didn’t fall into one of the common traps the defender often makes in these positions.

As pointed out in the notes, the three errors for the defender are 1) immobilizing his R 2)allowing the K to be chased away from the queening square and 3) playing the K to the wrong side of the P. Of course there a lot of exceptions and it’s easy for the defender to go wrong, so you should always play these endings out if you are the guy with the P!

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