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Thursday, June 28, 2018

That Was Weird

     This morning I did a post on the instructive game Fischer vs. Gadia from Mar del Plata, 1960 and after posting it, I checked it out and discovered that Blogger was no longer posting three columns; it was only posting one column with the two sidebars appearing at the bottom of the page. 
     After spending time off and on all day experimenting with various Blogger styles, etc. I finally discovered the problem...sort of. After deleting the post the three columns returned. Why, I have no idea. 
     In any case, I am not going to re-post the game, but instead refer you to GM Danny King's analysis of the game, which deals with N outposts, HERE. Another instructive game dealing with N outposts is Smyslov vs. Rudakowsky, USSR Championship 1945, which I did a post on HERE. Both games are instructive to play over.

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