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Friday, May 18, 2018

Is It Real Or Is It Fake?

     The most famous fake game is Alekhine's five-queen game that he published in My Best Games of Chess 1908-1923. The following game played in a weekend tournament in The Netherlands in 1983 between unknown players seems to be regarded by many as a composed game, but was it? 
     Analysis with Stockfish shows a lot of errors, so it could be a real game. Or, were the mistakes because amateur players composed it without aid of an engine which were only beginning to become a force to be reckoned with in 1983? 
     In 1982 BELLE won the 13th ACM computer championship held in Dallas, Texas and in 1983, the first chess microcomputer beat a master in tournament play. BELLE became the first chess computer to attain a master's rating when, in October, 1983, its USCF rating was 2203. 
The Jackalope, real or fake?

     Even if it was a composed game it doesn't really matter because it's a lot of fun to play over. As someone pointed out, we enjoy composed chess problems and endings all the time, so why not a composed game. 
     If it was composed and played in a tournament, was it cheating? Players agree to a draw beforehand all the time and 10-move GM draws are frowned upon, but accepted as normal. What's the difference between agreeing to a draw before the game and playing ten moves, or playing 48 moves? That brings up another point. If the game was composed, how many players do you know would be willing to take the losing side? 

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