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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Palma de Mallorca 1966...I was there but missed it

     Palma de Mallorca is the capital and largest city of the autonomous community of the Balearic Islands in Spain. It is situated on the south coast of Majorca on the Bay of Palma.      There have been many chess tournaments played there and in 1966 a tournament known as the II Torneo Internacional de Palma de Mallorca was played. I was there. Unfortunately, I was was unaware that there was a great chess tournament going on! The reason for my being there was because at the time I was a part of a US Marine Corps six-month long training cruise to the Mediterranean and the ship I was on was in port for liberty while the tournament was being played. My only memory of Palma is that the weather and the city were beautiful. I didn't find out about the tournament until months later when I picked up a copy of Chess Review at a newsstand. Yes, a chess magazine at a newsstand! 
     The cruise wasn't a total bust chesswise. While in Rome I was looking at a chess set in a store window when a man came up and asked if I was interested in buying one. When I replied in the affirmative he said the shop that made them was right around the corner and he'd take me to it. Being a little skeptical, I warily followed him and sure enough, there was a small woodworking shop with a lot of sets for sale. He told the lady behind the counter to sell me the set for the same price that she'd sell it to him and not the American tourist price! Somewhere in Spain I also picked up several chess books in Spanish that were not available in the US. All those items are long gone; what happened to them, I do not know.
     The tournament was sponsored by Hotel Jaime I and the Palma tourist industry, the publishing corporation Asociacion de la Prensa and the Spanish Chess Federation. With a larger budget than the previous year's event, several strong GMs participated, including ex-world champion Tal. Half of the players were on their way home after the Olympiad in Havana which had ended November 20th. 

1) Tal 12.0 
2) Pomar 11.0 
3) Portisch 10.0 
4) Ivkov 9.5 
5) Matanovic 9.0 
6) Pfleger 8.0 
7-8) Shamkovich and O'Kelly 7.5 
9-10) Trifunovic and Lehmann 7.0 
11) Menvielle 6.5 
12) Robatsch and Toran 5.5 
14) Wade 5.0 
15-16) Medina and Visier 4.5 

      First Beauty Prize went to Lehmann for his win over Shamkovich.

Thanks to an alert reader I had biographical information of the wrong Heinz Lehmann.  Heinz Gerhard Lehmann, the chess player, was born in Konigsberg, West Germany on October 20, 1921 and died at the age of 73 on June 8, 1995.  Lehmann played in the Zonal tournaments in 1954 and 1960 and in the German Championships he finished 2nd in 1953 and 3rd in 1957 and 1959.  He represented West Germany in the Olympiads in 1958 and 1960.  He finished first at Hoogovens-B in 1964.  He was an honorary GM.

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  1. Sorry to interrupt, but you have the wrong Lehmann.
    Heinz Lehmann (IM 1961, HGM 1992) from Berlin (1921-1995)