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Saturday, March 31, 2018

Breaking News From Iceland...Bobby Fischer Has Been Arrested!

     Early one morning in Iceland back in July of 2010 a team of men went out to exhume the body of Bobby Fischer with the intention of getting a DNA sample, but there was no body in the casket. The rumor circulated that Fischer had faked his death in order to free himself, but nobody believed the story and it was chalked up to a rumor on a par with Elvis sightings.
     Now a story has come out of the small fishing town of Breiodalsvik located on the east coast of Iceland. Earlier this week, an elderly, homeless, white-bearded man was arrested outside the Kaupfielagrid Art and Craft Cafe when he was begging for money. 
     According to police chief Asbjorn Steinbergur, when questioned by police on the scene the man refused to answer any questions and when police attempted to to search him for identification, he refused. A scuffle broke out and one police office was bitten on the arm. The wound was severe enough that the officer had to be transported to the Medical Center of East Iceland in Lagaras for treatment. 
      Once the homeless man had been transported to the local jail and searched, it was discovered he was not carrying any identification and the only items in his possession were a small folding leather chess set and a book of Boris Spassky's chess games. 
     The subject was fingerprinted and the prints faxed to Reykjavik. When the results came back a few hours later the prints were those of Robert James Fischer. Steinbergur recognized the name and when he personally questioned Fischer, he refused to answer any questions and repeatedly complained about how the police had brutally handcuffed him, swore at him and accused him of committing a recent bank robbery. He also complained that he was insulted, choked and tortured while being held stark naked in a “horror cell” and that he had been refused the right to make any phone calls. Fischer repeatedly referred to the police by the derogatory term “filthy Jews.” 
     Upon learning his prisoner was the former world chess champion, Chief Steinbergur contacted journalist Haukur Gunnleifursson who attempted to interview Fischer.   According to Gunnleifursson, Fischer asked for $10,000 before he would speak to him.  Fischer stated, "I'm broke, you know.  The Jews stole all my money."
     Gunnleifursson says that Fischer is nearly toothless, appears to be suffering from various health problems and most certainly has “mental health issues.” 
     Fischer remains in jail and if convicted faces up to six months in jail. For more information go HERE.

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