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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Something You May Not Know About Wesley So

     Although I am not Jewish, I always admired Samuel Reshevsky for his strict adherence to his religious beliefs even if it sometimes interfered with his chess. He was also a family man and that was another thing I respected.
     In the past I have posted about Henrique Mecking's fight for life and how he was helped by his Catholic faith and the other day I came across an article in the August 18, 2017 issue of Christianity Today titled I'm a Rare Breed: An Elite Chess Player Who’s Open About His Faith,Why I follow Jesus publicly, even when people warn that my career will suffer. The article is by FIDE's currently number 4 rated Wesley So. Wesley So is on Facebook. So also did brief interview in Evangelical Focus in 2017.


  1. One of the best things about chess is that the game is either a win, a draw, or a loss. It doesn't matter if people like your religion, your hair cut, or your personality. If Wesley So continues to pay at a high level he will have a successful career. It is probably true that atheists and agnostics are a bit over-represented in top level chess that's just a guess), but I doubt Wesley has to worry about discrimination.

    Evangelical Christians, one of the largest and politically most powerful groups in America, have an annoying tendency to portray themselves as a persecuted, beleaguered band of martyrs

  2. The term “evangelical Christian” has come to mean right-wing, fundamentalist Republican and has nothing to do with either evangelism or Christianity. The term is an indicator of social or political views rather than actual religious devotion.

  3. You are correct. The terminology has become distorted, but we're stuck with it, like it or not.