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Saturday, December 9, 2017

asmFish...the new kid on the block

    asmFish is derived from Stockfish and uses a code that makes it faster. I have read that it's easy to make mistakes when translating a program to another language and the engine is much more power consuming than Stockfish so some computers are likely to crash.  I've not been running the engine much, but in a 5-minutes per game match against Stockfish 8 it didn't run into any problems. The score was +1 -1 =10.
     I am not familiar with any of the technical details of asmFish, but on the CCLR 40/40 rating list it stands out as the number one rated engine at 3425. Ratings for the remaining top 5 spots are:
2- Houdini 6 64-bit 4CPU (3412)
3- Komodo 11.2 64-bit 4CPU (3398)
                               4- Deep Shredder 13 64-bit 4CPU (3294) 
                               5- Fire 6.1 64-bit 4CPU (3286).

asmFish has the following very impressive scores against its rivals:
Houdini 6  (+6−2=38)
Komodo 11.2 (+11−1=37)
Deep Shredder 13 (+19−0=31)
Fire 6.1 (+26−1=23)
Against Stockfish 8 its score is: (+8−2=40)

     Not that it proves anything, but in the following position from the Spielmann-Chekhover game after white's 13th move, I let the engines run for 3 minutes and the moves and evaluations were:

SugaR PrO (13...b4 eval=0.35)
Stockfish 8 (13...b4 eval=0.88)
asmFish (13...b4 eval=0.70)
Komodo 10.1 (13...Qf6 eval=0.72)

I was able to download the engine at King of Chess HERE

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