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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Book Collections by Zan Chess and Gunther Ossimitz

   I stumbled across an interesting site by accident while visiting chessgamesdotcom called Zan Chess
    For those that don't know, Chessgamesdotcom is a database of historical games. The most interesting feature for me is that they have brief introductions and games from 750 events dating from 1843 to 2003! You can also find games of players literally from A to Z. A lot of material comes from someone named Zanzibar and Zan Chess is his site.
     What is interesting about Zan Chess is that it contains links to quite a few chess books that can be found on Google. Tournament books include those from 1850 to 1930; many are in German. There are also books on matches ranging from London-Edinburgh in 1829 to the 1911 Tarrasch-Schlechter match.
     If you do not speak German, there was a question posted on Google groups back in 1999 where someone was wanting to know some common chess terms in German and Gunther Ossimitz listed a few German translations for English terms. Gunther Ossimitz (born in 1958) passed away on January 8, 2013 after a severe illness. Ossimitz had a site where he posted all the games without any annotations in pgn files from many famous chess books. I believe the site is only available via the Wayback Machine HERE.

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