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Monday, March 27, 2017


   If you like openings that are overly analyzed and that offer few unexplored paths, say the Queen's Gambit and the Ruy Lopez that lead to positions once described by Anthony Santasiere as “like a piece of dead flesh kept overlong on ice...more the tool of a coward than an adventurer" and those that require “correct, super-refined memorized opening followed by a grand effort in cooperation in liquidating the major forces, so as to arrive at an endgame which was often conducted with superb finesse and great virtuosity" then feel free to move along...there's nothing to see in this post.

     But if you are a swashbuckler who opts for brilliancy and would rather lose a beautiful game than win a boring one then gambits are for you. One caveat: you can't successfully play gambit openings until you have mastered tactics!!! 

     So, if you are a decent tactician and if you like gambits, British player Ian Simpson's sites are worth a visit! As stated in his blog, the focus is primarily on the gambits in the classic “Open Games” (1.e4 e5) band the majority are reasonably sound. 
Ian Simpson’s Chess Site 
Ian Simpson’s Chess Blog 

     This game features From's Gambit, a notoriously double edged gambit that should only be played after significant study because it can lead to some pretty complicated positions that are difficult to evaluate over the board.

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