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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Found this deep in My Games Database

     Today the temperature is stuck on 28 degrees and we are having our first snow...a light lake effect snow. Yesterday was dark, cold and blustery...good days for looking over some old games buried deep in my database. I came across this one played against an old friend from our OTB days which we played, without a time limit, on a server. It has been sitting there unannotated for the last ten years and when I took a look at it I was surprised to find that it was actually pretty well played, plus it has some instructional value. 
     Normally I don't present long games because most players, myself included, are not looking for long endings...we want snappy tactics. But, what makes this game interesting is the unbalanced material in the ending. Those types of positions are always difficult to evaluate and engine evaluations can sometimes be misleading. I have posted numerous times on this situation and here is yet another example of the difficulties involved! 

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2010 - Revisiting Minor Pieces for a Rook - Part 2
2011 - Engine Positional Evaluations and Comparisons 
2011 - R vs B and N
2013 - Two Minor Pieces or Rook and Pawn...which to choose?! 
2014 - An Instructive Tahl - Botvinnik Game
2016 - When Should You Sacrifice on f7?

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