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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Tweaked Version of Stockfish 7

      I discovered a tweaked version of SF7 in a Chess2u forum. I ran a highly unscientific 24-game blitz test between Stockfish 7 64 POPCNT and Stockfish 250816 64. Stockfish 250816 64 won rather decisively: +7 -4 =13.  Below is one of the more interesting games. 
     The game was annotated using SugaR, an engine by Marco Zerbinati that is derived from Stockfish. I have been unable to find it on any of the usual rating lists and there is some debate as to how good is really is. On one engine forum a poster claimed it seems to be stronger at blitz, but he was not sure about longer time controls. Another poster said he tested it at 40 minutes + 20 seconds increment time control and claimed it outperformed the latest Stockfish development version by +20 Elo after a couple of hundreds of games.
     SugaR is free so you can modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License. It can be downloaded HERE. I am not sure that I would completely trust SugaR without a lot further testing, but would not hesitate to use the updated version of Stockfish.

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