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Friday, April 24, 2015

Articles on Psychology and Chess

     "Psychologists who studied more than 100 chess players say the game attracts sensation-seekers with a thirst for action and adventure on a par with skydivers, scuba divers, mountaineers and skiers. When men win a game, the experts say, the rise of testosterone levels in the blood is just the same as that experienced by people who go in for risky sports.”

Here are some more articles on chess players… 

How experts recall chess positions  
A brief survey of psychological studies of chess  
The Cognitive Psychology of Chess 
Chess Stereotypes and Personality  
The Effects of Speed on Skilled Chess Performance 
Why They Play: The Psychology of Chess 

The last link is an excerpt from The Psychology of the Chess Player by Dr. Reuben Fine. He says chess players are latent homosexuals, but personally I would not put much confidence in anything Fine had to say. Drawing heavily on the writings of Freud's biographer Ernest Jones, Fine supported the view that chess is an embodiment of the Oedipus Complex, with the father-figure King and powerful mother- figure Queen providing the elements for the player to enact his parricidal fantasies. The pieces, according to Fine, are mostly phallic symbols. 

Fine founded the Creative Living Center in New York City and according to his obituary in the New York Times he was married five times, four ending in divorce. Just my opinion: If I'm looking for a marriage counselor I would not want somebody that's been married five times.

For more on Fine, chess and psychology see Edward Winter's article HERE.

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