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Saturday, March 7, 2015


Here's yet another new site on which to play chess...endorsed by Kramnik.

Particulars from the site's page:

TopChess is a club for people who love and enjoy playing chess. TopChess.com offers two levels of membership – Associate (Free) Membership or Full Membership

Associate (Free) Membership privileges are:
1. Play locally rated blitz games with other TopChess.com members.

Full Membership privileges are:
1. Play locally rated blitz games with other TopChess.com members.
2. Play blitz tournaments, with compulsory participation fee.
3. Play blitz games with Grandmasters, play simultaneous exhibition games.
4. Observe and comment on live blitz games.
5. Observe and comment on live simultaneous exhibitions between top Grandmasters and other members of TopChess.com website.
6. Depositing and/or withdrawing funds from their personal TopChess.com account, through the various payment options offered by TopChess.com.

The registration process is easy and free:
Simply complete the online registration form to receive an e-mail with an activation link. The TopChess.com Full Membership fee is EUR 16 (plus VAT for EU residents) per annum. Part of an annual membership fee of EUR 4 will automatically be transferred to the member's account as the initial credit for playing tournaments or matches. Chess professionals (holding FIDE title GM, IM and FM) are entitled to free full membership at TopChess.com

Each member is represented on-line only with his/her real name. TopChess.com members are not allowed to use any artificial aid/s during the game to gain unfair advantage. To ensure fair play TopChess employs proprietary state of the art advanced logarithms capable of detecting computer generated moves.


  1. This is great site, thank you for letting us know. Really appreciate possibility to play with verified professional members (Grandmasters, FIDE and IM masters) and fair-play games without artificial aid.

    Great concept and idea implementation. I think that this is something what we needed in online chess world.

  2. Must try thi siste.