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Monday, February 2, 2015


     Since 10:00 am yesterday I have been outside six times blowing snow...twice this morning. I cleared the driveway at about 6:00 am so the wife could get out to go to work, but another burst of snow came along and dumped another inch plus, so I was back out there at 9:00 am doing it all over.
Top: Where I am
Bottom: Where I want to be
     Last fall the city decided to repave our street which required digging up the concrete and pouring new, then paving over the top of it with blacktop. It was a major inconvenience having the street torn up for two weeks, but they never finished the job. They waited too long and there was some bad weather, so the street never got blacktopped. As a result, they cannot salt our street when they plow because the salt will eat up the concrete. I think they will probably have to repair the concrete in the spring anyway; after all the patches freeze and thaw they'll probably all be cracked. That's the problem...no salt. 
     So while I was out there the second time this morning some guy got stuck in the front of the neighbor's house, so me and a neighbor from across the street had to help dig/push the guy out. He made it about 100 feet to the intersection and got stuck again. I walked down to help him and in the meantime some guy pulled up behind and had to wait because the intersection was blocked. I could not believe that the guy that pulled up behind just sat in his car while I was digging and pushing trying to get the first guy unstuck. Fortunately a van with two guys big as NFL linebackers came along and all three of us got the car out of the drift and on it's way. After that, guy number two pulled through the intersection and I have to be honest, I was hoping he got stuck too. If he did I was not going to help him. Yep! I admit it, I was going to walk back to the house with my shovel and leave him sitting there and spinning his wheels.
     Right now the snow is over, but it's cold and windy. I see the sidewalks and driveway are covered with drifting snow, but I am not going back out. Why do I live here?
The forecast for Key West, Florida looks a lot nicer.

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