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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Problem by the Sarychev Brothers

     I am not into chess problems very much but when I saw this one the other day I found it quite intriguing. It's a well known problem by Alexander Vasilievich Sarychev (1909 – 1986) who, along with his brother Kirill Sarychev (1909 – 1950), composed mostly endgame studies. I was also curious to see how various engines did on solving this problem. Gull, Critter Rybka, Fritz, Stockfish and Komodo all found the key move instantly. The problem reminded me of Reti's famous study shown HERE.
     It should have because Reti's study inspired a host of other problemist to imitate his idea and in 1928 the Sarychev brothers came up with their version which is no less intriguing. White catches the Pawn by starting to run away from it.

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