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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Fritz 12 vs. ChessOK 2011

I have been using Fritz 12 for quite some time and back in March (I think it was) bought ChessOK 2011 because I was interested in using IDeA for analysis. As it turned out, I didn’t like ChessOK 2011…too klutzy for my taste and and not user friendly. So, after the old laptop’s motherboard crapped out and I bought a new one with Windows 8 I dug out the Fritz 12 CD and installed it on the new laptop and it works fine. Yesterday I searched through my old e-mails and found the download link and serial number for ChessOK 2011 and downloaded it. Why would I do that if I don’t like the program anyway? Because I paid for it. After the download was complete, I installed it, or rather tried to. Got a message that it won’t run, apparently because I’m using Windows 8. All I can say is Fritz 12 does, but ChessOK 2011 won’t…

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