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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Reshevsky Simul Game

Few people are aware that Reshevsky kept a winter home in Sunrise, Florida (Sunrise is situated in the heart of South Florida's tourist region) and over the years, on occasion, he gave simuls at the local club. In this simul he scored +23 -0 =3 and after the 4-1/2 hour exhibition, someone asked the 79 year old Reshevsky if he was tired to which he replied, "Not particularly."  Reshevsky's draw with 1800-rated Wayne Meyerson (who played very well)  was the first game to finish. Meyerson decided to force the perpetual check with 23...Nxg4 24. fxg4 Qxg4+. He was hoping Reshevsky would fall for 26. Qg2??, which would have allowed the win a piece with 26...Qxg2+.

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