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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Fun Stuff on Chess Corner

I just discovered the above site and they have some fun chess stuff to try. VISIT

Chess Internet Greeting Card Send an internet greeting card to your chess enthusiast friend!
Chess Problems Test your chess with these fun puzzles
Chess Quotes Words of wisdom from the greatest players
Chess Quiz Test your general chess knowledge with the fun chess quiz
Ten Kings Puzzle Checkmate 10 kings with just one move
Knights Crossing Puzzle Get the horses to their correct stalls
Gentle Bishops Puzzle Change the positions of the black and white bishops
Queens vs Knights Place the 4 Queens and 4 Knights in positions that do not threaten each other. If that sounds too difficult can try placing 8 Queens on the board without them threatening each other
Chess Wordsearch and Famous Chess Players Wordsearch Java wordsearches and also versions for you to print out and complete off-line
Chess Slider Puzzle Complete the picture by moving one tile at a time
The Knight's Tour The Knight tours the board landing on every square only once.
World Clock Find out what time it is in your opponent's part of the world

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