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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Some Intellectual Chess Thoughts from Don’t Shake the Baby

     On the internet you can play chess against other people. I don't really like chess or anything; it’s pretty boring, but I had this funny idea. 
      I thought I might obtain a computer chess game. One where you can play against your computer and it has different difficulty levels all the way up to the Duke of Chess. Anyway, so I'd get a high level chess program. Then I would find some chess league on the Internet and find some guy to play. Then I would start a game against the toughest level of the chess program and play my opponent's moves against the program, and then copy the moves of the program and use them against this guy. That way I could rise to the summit of online chess weirdos. That seems funny but it’s not worth it….
      Chess was invented by Milton Bradley in the 1970's; a lot of people think it was around for a lot longer, but it wasn't…Chess is often used as a metaphor for life. That comparison is completely mistaken….Chess is the intellectual equivalent of wrestling, totally boring to anyone but the 2 people involved and deeply homosexual. Visit site

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