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Friday, January 25, 2013

Me vs. ChessEnthusiast

      ChessEnthusiast  is a Nook Chess App I bought a few weeks ago for a dollar.  After downloading it I found I had the same problems that the reviewers had in that it wouldn't move...it just sat there and did nothing.  I changed engines and tweaked the time controls and that's when I discovered I have an app on my Nook that I can't beat! 
      It has a lot of features but the main thing is the engines, “Shitoku+” and “Cockatoo” (sound nasty, don't they?).  I could not find either engine listed when I Googled them and when analyzing the below game with Houdini on the Fritz interface I noticed that the Cockatoo engine played not too differently from Houdini.  It makes me think the app's engines may be plagarized and renamed, but I don't know.  You can read a complete review of the app on my book review blog.  Here's a game I played against it.

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